Penggunaan "will" dan "be (is / am / are) Going To" - The use of "will" and "be (is/am/are) going to"

The use of "will" and "be (is/am/are) going to"

Will digunakan untuk:

  • Keputusan yang diambil secara cepat.

  • Tindakan spontan untuk menawarkan bantuan 

  • Menyatakan janji

Be (is/am/are) going to digunakan untuk:

  • Menyatakan rencana di masa yang akan

  • Menyatakan kejadian yang tanda-tandanya telah terlihat.

Perhatikan penggunaan “To be (is, am, are) sesuai dengan subjeknya.

I ­čí¬ am

He/she/it/singular (tunggal) ­čí¬ is

They/we/you/plural (jamak) ­čí¬ are


Ana : Bia, why did you buy this flour, sugar, and margarine?

Bia : I am going to make some bread.

Rian  : Could you help me to get me a glass of water?

Budi :  Certainly. I will get you a glass of tea. Would you like some ice in it?

Please complete the sentences below using using “will” or “is/am/are + going to”.

1. Agus : Hey look! There’s a fire in Mr. Dino’s house.

     Beni : Oh My God. I ________ call the fire fighter. 

     jawaban : will

2. Ana : Why did Susi buy so much food?

     Nadia : She _________  have small party tonight to celebrate her graduation.

     jawaban : is

3. Ali : Can I borrow this book?

     Doni : Sure, but I need it back soon.

     Ali : I________ return it to you tomorrow. Okay?

     jawaban : will

4. Alisa : I______ wear a dark suit to the wedding reception. How about you?

     Bianca : I’m not sure.

     jawaban : am

5. Reni : I heard you ____________  visit your grandmother this school vacation.

     Selly : Yes, I am going to spend two weeks in Surabaya.

6. Cindy  : Gee, I’d really like an ice cream cone, But I didn’t bring any money with me.

     Dea : That’s okay. I_________ get one for you

     Cindy : Thanks so much.

7. Sara : Hi , Josh. I hear that you ________ move into a new apartment.

     Josh : That’s right. Sara and I found a great apartment on 45th street.

     Sara : I _____  help you on moving  day if you like.

    Josh : Hey, great! we’d really appreciate that.

8. Naura :So Susan, you________ get married

     Susan :That’s right. On November 22nd

     Naura : Congratulations dear.

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